Bring Back Bruce


Frank Schipper and his girlfriend Fabiola had two dogs; Clark who Fabiola had for 14 years and Bruce, who was just a pup last spring when they adopted him, a street dog. It was a love fest from the get-go, as Bruce is sweet and smart. He completed their little family. But Frank returned to the Netherlands for a short trip, and Fabiola went with him. They left both dogs at the house and arranged for a family to go three times a day to feed and walk with them.

Five days before Fabiola returned to Cabo, robbers robbed everything from the house and put the dogs out on the street. The dogs wandered and got lost.

After two weeks Clark was found, turns out a kind lady had adopted him. On a tip from flyers hung all over town, people reported seeing both dogs roaming around Puebla Bonita on the Pacific side. Fabiola zoomed out and was told they kicked Bruce outside the resort many times, even the night before she arrived. Since then nobody has seen him. Missed him by one day!

Frank thinks, (hopes), he might be adopted too. Maybe he got a better deal. Maybe the chow’s better at this new found home?

His phone number is 624 355 3482. That would be Frank’s number, not Bruce’s. There is a reward but we’re pretty sure you would bring Bruce home out of the goodness of your heart.