Book Report

Cabo Mood

Cabo Mood

Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico

Cabo Mood.  Text, Carlos Rosas. Photographs, Rigoberto Moreno Santana. (versions in both English, and Spanish ). 297 pages.


"I sail through the blue-green waters of the divine sea. "  (a quote on the double pages in front).

This book is huge, heavy, and my copy is in Spanish. But that’s not so important because the full double-pages of colored photos show the best and most beautiful scenes of our beautiful Baja, and the book's focus on landscapes and seascapes could also make stunning framed pictures for a wall display, showing the very best of Cabo and the Baja.

There are many great photos, usually with quotes in both Spanish and English. The double pages of blues sky, sea, and shadowed rocks in the front of the book has this quote, "How to describe the sound of a wave crashing? Impossible: just listen." Well, duh, that’s hard to do with a book, even with pretty pictures. The photo in all shades of blues, is one of the most tranquil I've ever seen. The next set of double pages in color are of a pool, In shades of turquoise and Prussian blue.

Still more pages show scenes at dusk, many interiors of beautiful homes, a golf course, day and night time patio and garden scenes, and they all seem to be great advertisements for Cabo and the relaxed lifestyle that's possible in Baja. There is an index in the back that contains names of builders, designers, landscapers, and golf club communities. It somehow, truly captures the magic that my husband and I felt, on our very first trip to Baja, and Cabo, so many years ago. That combination of sea, sun, great food, and fun, still has a magical quality to me.

I enjoyed browsing through this book on many levels. I loved the outdoor scenes that are so unique to Cabo, and Land's End. Homes are interesting. I always get ideas from any interior and landscape photos that I can use on my own low budget, rather crazy, adaptations.

So what are the negatives to this beautiful book?  Size and weight! The book is approximately 12x 18 inches, unwieldy, and so heavy that I wouldn't care to drag it in carry-on luggage ( if that were even possible). I don't have a scale, but the book is HEAVY!

It is also unpriced, but most books similar to this are at least $40-$60. It’s a great coffee table book, and a wonderful gift, as long as you don't have to carry it.

You can find copies of this large and beautiful book at El Caballo Blanco bookstore in Loreto, B.C.S.