Bob Bisbee Dies

Founder of one of the biggest tournaments in the world

Bob Bisbee Sr, 86, died June 14 in Texas. Bisbee created the Bisbee Black & Blue fishing tournament in 1981. The Bisbee family is currently producing two additional tournaments, Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore in Buena vista, and the Los Cabos Offshore Charity Tournament. Bisbee is survived by his wife Aina of 58 years and six children, some of whom now run the tournament businesses. Bisbee Sr. has been retired for more than a decade. Before starting the first tournament in Los Cabos 38 years ago, he owned and operated a fuel dock and tackle store on Balboa Island in Newport Beach, southern California.

But the big one is still the Black & Blue, which has grown from six teams with a total purse of $10,000 to 150 teams with millions of dollars in prize money. Their biggest year ever paid out $4,166,000, which to this day that remains the largest payout in sportfishing.

This makes Bob Bisbee a pivotal figure in Los Cabos history. His tournaments have booted up the entire sportfishing industry here, which despite what you hear from golfers, is still the biggest single draw to Southern Baja.

There was a private family gathering in Texas on June 23rd. However, for his Cabo friends who would like to say good bye to him, there will be a celebration of life here in Cabo in October, the month he made famous with his tournaments. There will be a toast and spreading of his ashes in the waters he loved so dearly.

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