Being Fearless In Today’s Real Estate Market



On Thursday, August 1, at the Cabo San Lucas Pavilion Cultural Center, PR Solutions hosted a sales and entrepreneurship seminar called FEARLESS, which began at 5 p.m. and ended four and a half hours later with an admission cost of $900 pesos. Proceeds from ticket sales will benefit a local non-profit organization of Los Cabos. A post-seminar networking party where everyone can mingle and exchange ideas and thoughts was also included. 

Five experts from the local sales and entrepreneurial profession shared their secrets for the first time in Los Cabos. The FEARLESS sales empowerment seminar is an unprecedented first in this southern Baja California Region. The five timeshare and real estate professionals offered an exhibit of results, from their personal and professional experiences. 

The sales seminar event arrived in Los Cabos after four successful years in Cancun and Riviera Maya.

"This is an event in which our speakers really have impressive results. The audience will be surprised and learn real and practical strategies," advertised the event.

It is the speakers of the event which are the driving force of the evening in which they shared and discussed the reality of the current local timeshare and real estate market.

The experience offered during the FEARLESS seminar cannot be obtained in books or manuals, because it is recent information, from the day-to-day experience from each of the five local sales expert speakers. The FEARLESS event was a perfect opportunity for any businessperson, timeshare sales, real estate, marketing, and entrepreneurs who want to reach the next level of both their personal and professional success. 

The five invited seminar guest speakers included Nico Wilmes, whose revolutionary and creative ideas have created what, today, is considered the largest and most innovative real estate development in Tulum. His mission and passion for Mexico have made him venture and be a precursor for the new standards of sustainable construction and development, using renewable technologies.

Brent Underdahl is one of the best sellers of real estate and considered a master closer. Underdahl has sold over $ 200 million dollars in just the last 5 years, with impressive closing percentages higher than 70 percent. Selling to 7 out of every 10 people that meet him. Brent shared his sales training and experience based on psychology, showing industry professionals how to achieve incredible results.

Nick Fong is a leading real estate agent in the Los Cabos home and condo selling community. His company, Los Cabos Agent, is one of the top real estate agencies in the area. Nick holds a degree in Real Estate Finance from the University of Illinois. During the seminar in Los Cabos, he shared his secrets to a theory he calls, "Sell without being sold." 

Peter Voogd is considered the authoritative leading voice for Millennials and young entrepreneurs by Entrepreneur Magazine. Peter Voogd's strategies have been published and featured in Forbes Magazine, The Huffington Post, Business Insider and Yahoo Finance. He is the founder of Game Changer's Academy; a website movement where ambitious entrepreneurs find tools to raise their business and ''game'' to the next level. For Peter, the more people someone can impact and support to achieve success, the more success every individual will have in return.


And foremost and finally, Tony Martinez is an experienced strategist and consultant for the hotel and real estate industry. At age 21, the bilingual Martinez became the youngest Timeshare Sales Director. His passion for entrepreneurship has led him into becoming a real estate developer and, currently, shares his understanding of the industry through human psychology that transcends cultures and languages.

"I was invited many years ago by a friend to visit Cabo and when I came back, I remembered how much I love Cabo," said Martinez during an interview with Bea Naidoo originally from Acapulco with All Access Cabo at Pitahayas Restaurant in Hacienda del Mar Hotel and Resort. 

"I started working in sales when I was 12 years old in Los Angeles, going door to door selling subscriptions for the LA Times newspaper and back then people either bought a subscription or felt sorry for me and gave me tip money," added Martinez, explaining that he struggled early on with timeshare sales where he was ultimately fired after 8 months of not earning a single sale. 

"After that, I had a talk with my brother who recommended I be more aggressive, and from there I had one sale after another, and was salesperson of that year and the following year, then was ultimately chosen as sales director when I was just 21-year-old," he continued. "From there, I started to apply what I learned from the timeshare industry with the sale of real estate; which eventually became my passion.

"I have gone to big sales seminar events in the past, that were expensive to attend and I felt the big-name motivational speakers were not talking to me. They didn't understand my clients, they didn't know my industry. And while I would leave excited about what I had heard and what they had said, after a few days I would forget what they had discussed. So when I had the idea to create this event, I decided to invite speakers that people knew. Maybe they have never met in person, but I wanted guest speakers the community was aware of; who have been successful and have known results," explained Martinez. 

"So this FEARLESS sales event featured local speakers who know this area and know the timeshare, real estate, hotel hospitality, and tours industry of Los Cabos. Professionals who can share their knowledge which anyone can learn and apply it to their own situation and careers," he added, as he said this event has the potential for other tourism markets as well, like Cancun, and Vallarta.

"At the end of the day, in almost everything we do, we are selling ourselves. Before pitching a product, etc, the reason people buy from anyone is because they like their character, charisma, friendliness. In essence, the first thing you sell is yourself. And that is one of the many things people can learn at this seminar in helping them align with a successful career."