Banking Gets A Little Easier At Bancomer

Just don’t do your banking on payday

Has anyone noticed how many people are lined up at the Bancomer lately? It’s because they are remodeling the main branch next to the Cheduari supermarket. The remodel job is supposed to be completed in March. Yeah, right. Until this bank is back up and running, you can expect longer lines at the three other branches in Cabo, which have already been remodeled. 

11.JPGPart of the remodel project includes a change in the way the tellers process customers. Bancomer has improved their service by implementing a number system and bringing in chairs. It’s about time they got rid of that preferential line that was supposed to be for pregnant woman or the handicapped but was never enforced. Some people who thought they were better than the rest of us would get in the preferential line so they wouldn’t have to wait. The new system is fairer for everyone, and the line for the tellers moves much faster with the new number system. A tip off that all is not skittles and beer at the bank is they are bringing in chairs for customers to use while waiting. Better they should speed up service. 

Unfortunately, you still have to wait up to hours to see a bank executive. Keep in mind that if you want to deposit a check, it must be signed by an executive first and then you can proceed to the teller. This process still needs to be improved. As in done away with.

If you go to the smallest Bancomer branch, next to Shizue and Cafe Cabo on Lazaro Cardenas, the girl who mans, (womans) the door is good about getting things moving. Tell her that you need the check authorized and she will take it directly to the executive to get it signed immediately. This branch is also the least crowded (probably because there is only one parking spot).

The worst time to visit the bank is on payday, which is on the 15th and at the end of the month. It’s not uncommon to see 20 or more people lined up at the ATMs waiting to pull out money. (They are on direct deposit from their employer). The best time to go is before payday because nobody has any money, so who needs a bank?

And if banks seem crowded now, just remember that just more than 50% of adult Mexicans do not even have a bank account.

Nafta was supposed to fix the banks, because one of the clauses in the document mandated that foreign companies could now own banks in Mexico. But, although most of the banks are now owned by foreign companies, they are still managed and staffed by under educated locals.