Ask a Mexican

Crime has gone up by almost 10% during the first half of this year in Mexico.

Why do you think this is happening?
How would you manage it if you could?
Who do you think is responsible for this?


Diana Gonzalez, 39, secretary.

I think we are falling into a collective state of mind where we do not care about being a community but rather look after our personal needs. There used to be a time when we were good neighbors, friendly, and had a much bigger circle around us, but now we are so obsessed with being better, having more money, having better things than the person next door that we stop at nothing to accomplish it. Greed is one of the causes of these problems, and it’s going to end the world as we know it.


Raul Morales, 43, driver.

It’s a problem that the government has not resolved in many years, it just looks worse now because social media is so readily available and people are not afraid to speak up anymore. I think now we are trying to blame AMLO, but honestly, Mexico has been under water for decades. I would start having serious punishments for serious crimes, like rapists in the U.S. who get death penalties and stuff. That way people might think twice about doing something stupid like that.


Julieta Huizar, 29, pharmacist.

I have noticed more crime and more kidnappings too, but I do not think it's only the government’s fault. I think we as a society have to change our ways so that government isn’t left with all the work. I don’t think I could do something right now, but if I was president, I would give policemen better pay and society a better quality of life, so everyone is happier and stops doing bad things. I would honestly look for a better life somewhere else, but it’s not within my reach.


Sofia Madrigal, 33 assistant.

The president is such an idiot people think they can be idiots too. I’m sure the world is going to end soon and that’s why people have turned so mean and heartless, including the orange president on the other side of the border. I mean, in my parent’s time, no one did such crazy things in this country as we are hearing about now. I also think it’s due to the fact that many people from Mexico City are invading other cities, and honestly, they’re the worst. I would reinforce laws and make punishments harder.


Javier Lopez, 41, security manager.

I don’t think we are having worse crime; I think we just hear and talk about it more. Back when people thought everything was better, there was not as much technology as we have now, so it wasn’t as broadcasted as it is nowadays. If we want less crime, we should start by educating our kids, listening to our elders, and being better citizens.


Claudia Marquez, 55, accountant.

I wish this wasn’t true, but it is, last month my husband witnessed a shooting and there were no policemen at the scene ever. It was probably a stupid dispute over drugs or money, but it was in a neighborhood and people don’t feel safe now. I am sure it’s the government’s fault but they will not do anything about it until we really ask, or scream we want something done. If the people in the office of the president steal from pens to lands, what are we going to expect from everyone else? It’s not going to happen until we make it happen. ,