Ask a Mexican

This past few weeks a lot of cities have reported high pollution levels, even Mexico City closed schools because of the pollution, the shores around Cancun had more sargazo than it has ever seen, more than 200 fires were reported around all of the country, and the North of Mexico suffered abnormally high temperatures making it almost impossible to be out on the streets. What do you think? What do you do to help the environment? Do you think Mexico should adopt the “gringo way” of recycling?


Ramon Hernandez, 41, driver.

I have heard about that on the news and I think it is insane how we are killing the planet. I do help the planet; I carpool to work and take my food in my containers for lunch. I think we should adopt more ecologic tips from other countries, not the gringos only, but they are more awake than we are. I also read on the news there is now a ban on single-use plastics in Mexico City and I believe it’s a great step, but we should do more as a society, not depending on the government to take action.


Cinthia Juarez, 33, cook.

I know, it was heartbreaking to see all of that in the news. As a person who buys a lot of ingredients, I think we should ask supermarkets to be more eco-friendly. A lot of ingredients come in plastic, from fruits and vegetables to proteins, and that's a lot of waste right there. I have tried to stop buying in supermarkets but there are many things that I can not find in regular mercados or that are nicer in the big stores that I have to use for my clients. We can all start to make changes, as simple as carrying a reusable water bottle and stop buying things in plastic bags.


Francisco Lozano, 56, accountant.

I think our government should do more, like in Mexico City. We should start a recycling law that makes us separate all the garbage and have fines for those who don’t, maybe even have a local compost in public parks and contribute as a community. I think it’s amazing how some northern countries have a different culture as far as waste goes, and many of them don’t have street food as we do, if they do, the plates are usually carton and whatever plastic is used really is recycled.


Hector Gonzalez, 38, secretary.

I know it’s a problem but I think many people exaggerate and don’t know how to do things. I have a niece who is always on my back about being more eco-friendly and she doesn’t realize her actions are to blame as well, and I think that happens with everyone. Some products say they are ecological but in reality, they are not, like the bamboo toothbrushes, the bristles are still nylon, which is plastic. Or the things we buy to be more ecologically friendly come wrapped in plastic. I think that is marketing and it’s hurting more than the good it could do.


Lorena Partida, 57, teacher.

I've recycled a long time because I lived in another country and got used to the idea. I try to pick up the garbage I see on the streets but sometimes it’s impossible. I think we have a long way to go still, but most of the people I know are trying to do better for the environment. One thing I know for sure is that we could definitely lower our meat consumption, it's an industry that pollutes and a lot and Mexicans are big fans of meat.


Daniel Pedraza, 42, manager.

It is now very popular to talk about the environment and being eco-friendly and all of that, but this is a problem that should have been addressed a long time ago. The wildlife in Mexico is not the same since 20 years ago, the reefs are not as alive, the jungles have less wild cats in them, and we had never thought of being eco-friendly until it became a thing in the northern countries, to be cool like them.