Ask a Mexican

This week we asked: How do you feel about the Central Americans marching through Mexico? Would you help them with food and water? Do you think it's right that the President offered them jobs if they would stay here?


1. Aralia Castillo, 65, retired.

I feel very sorry for the immigrants that have had to take such extreme measures. I am not very happy about the fact that they broke the border doors, and some of them seem aggressive, but they are also families, they have kids and they are looking out for their sons and daughters. I have helped immigrants multiple times, not just now with the caravana, but I usually make sandwiches and buy fruit that I put in plastic bags and distribute them at train crossings. I agree with the president offering them jobs, and offering jobs to whoever wants to make a decent living.

2. Julio Lopez, 32, worker.

I think they should have done things the right way, identify themselves and have IDs handy so Mexico could have a record of who was coming in just for safety or statistics. Things are very bad in their country, I understand but we are no better really, Mexico is also going down a very ugly path lately. I don’t think I would give them much, since I don’t have much to offer, I need to provide for my own, my people, my family. I think Peña Nieto should give jobs to Mexicans first, maybe we could raise the economy and slow down crime, stealing and assaults.

3. Claudia Padron, 41, teacher.

I think there is no illegal people, we are all a part of something greater and borders should not be for people, only for tax and economic purposes. The fact that they were so desperate to come to our country should give us a lot of empathy, we should realize that we are an amazing country, so much so that people think they will be better here. Mexicans also try to go to the united states and a great percentage cross illegally. Why would we ask for something we don’t give? Why are we being so racist to them when we ourselves suffer from racism? I always give immigrants whatever I can, many times I give them my packed lunch because I am lucky enough that I can ask whoever I know to share with me, or I can come home and eat a warm, hearty supper. I think Peña Nieto should not be the only one to offer them jobs, we could also help them, if they sweep the front of the house, we could give them a little money. We need more love to go around this world.

4. Diana Santos, 26, caretaker.

I think we should make things easy for them to reach the united states, they don’t want to stay here, they want to go there. If we make it too easy, they will want to stay here and we are not capable of holding a lot of people who can not work and contribute to the economy like the rest of us. I have not given them anything as I don’t see a lot of immigrants, but I think I would if I had anything on hand. The president should not only offer them jobs, but also some kind of transport, so they can reach their goal and not affect our country very much. Maybe, if we had better immigration rules, things would be different. Of course, the big Cheeto would rather they stayed in Mexico, but they are not planning that, we can not offer them as much as they can find over there.

5. Orlando Gomez, 53, accountant.

There are bad people everywhere and I think a country is made by immigrants. Just like the United States was built by Mexicans and we are often offended by racist comments, we are doing the same to them. I have given immigrants food, fruit and some spare change. I think we should all give them a little food but unfortunately, I have also seen many of them spend the money they get on alcohol. I don’t think we should give them jobs because that makes them want to stay here, or maybe something temporary.

6. David Torres, 71, bus driver.

For me, if they need to go through to the United States, they should but they shouldn’t break the law and do bad things like breaking the border’s doors. I would set up a food and water station outside my home if I knew they were coming, and maybe give them some of God’s word. I don’t think they should be offered jobs, because instead of passing by, they would stay, or maybe jobs that were temporary, so they could make enough money to make it to the United States.