Ask A Mexican

This week we asked: Have you noticed a lot of people from the mainland moving here for work? Have they displaced or inconvenienced you?


1. Dalia Gutierrez, 42, office assistant.

Yes, at my work I have seen so many new people apply for jobs, and either they don’t last, or they cannot keep up with the work here. I don’t mind them if they respect our town, but I cannot bear with those who drive super-fast, leave garbage at the beach or are disrespectful in general. I think that they have been lured here because Cabo really does pay very well, and our way of life is substantially better than on the mainland, but they don’t understand that its not a vacation anymore and that you have to adapt to the place where you have just moved.


2. Maria Ordaz, 23, tour guide.

Yeah, I came here looking for a job too, a little over five years ago. I love Cabo and it has given me so much that I feel like I was born here. I came here looking for opportunities and found them, but I have also seen some people who came looking for the same thing and did not make it because it is very hard to adapt to live here. Not only do we get good paychecks, but things are expensive here too, and some people think that they can behave like they did in their hometown. It does bother me when I hear about someone making a mess while partying or being disrespectful to locals. Also, there are a lot more cars now and it gets a little crazy around some areas.


3. Diego Martinez, 19, student.

There are many kids at my school who just moved here and hate it. Their parents brought them to give them a better life, but they get so bored because there are no soccer teams here or nothing to do like in their big hometown. It doesn’t bother me, but I have heard my family complain that Cabo is growing so much and in such an inefficient way, because houses are going more expensive or traffic is now a thing here. All I see is that maybe we can be nicer to them and show them how Cabo really can become their home if they do things right.


4. Jimena Montes, 19, boat assistant.

I haven’t noticed more people, but I guess it’s only natural with all the new hotels popping up everywhere. What I have noticed is that the beaches that used to feel like you were the only one there, are crowded and more crime is happening all around. Not like drug dealing but stealing and rapes and stuff that my parents say they didn’t hear about before. My family also came here from the mainland, two generations ago and we are now locals, but Cabo has been growing since a long time ago. A little more than nine years ago, I remember going to the supermarket and sometimes not finding what we needed, and now there is everything here. I think that is also because of the people who have made our town bigger.


5. Lucha Bello, retired.

Oh yes, no doubt and I do not like it at all. We used to be a little town full of Choyeros who knew each other and said hi at church or the beach. Now so many Chilangos (people from Mexico City) come here and find good paying jobs but live in a very bad way and just make our town uglier and busier. I have met some very decent people who came here looking for an honest chance and do their best to have a good life, but for the most part I do not like the newcomers.


6. Jaime Lopez, 36, sailor.

I think there are very few people who have not come here from other states. I came here 20 something years ago and have made this place my home, but I am not the only one and these people are everywhere and have been here for a long time. We have made Cabo what it is now, and I think we should all welcome them with open arms. It is inevitable that Cabo will continue growing and there are enough opportunities for all of us.