Ask A Mexican

This week we asked: Do you think these measures will help? If not, what do you think will?

A recent study from the World Health Organization found that obesity among adults in Mexico has more than doubled in the last 40 years. Alarmed, the organization is recommending that Mexico restrict junk food advertising targeting young audiences, increase the tax on soft drinks to 20%, and consider increasing the tax on food of low nutritional value.

This week we asked: Do you think these measures will help? If not, what do you think will?

askamex_5.JPGKevin Alcocer, 17, assistant I think it will help because then lunch money won’t be enough for kids to buy as much junk food as they are used to, hopefully. I think that better snacks with better nutritional value should be marketed just as well as junk food is, so they are more appealing and maybe then kids will eat them more.

Claudia Guzman, 33, cook Sadly, I don’t think it will help, because you will buy it even if it costs more. For example, people who smoke did not care about the price increase. My baby is just two years old, and I plan on making sure he is well educated as far as snacks and food goes. Sometimes it’s not easy, since junk food is readily available and much faster to eat as compared to a healthy snack, let’s say a carrot. You have to peel it and slice it and that takes more effort.

Maria, 21, cook I don’t think it will help fight obesity. We know junk food is bad for us but we are addicted. I personally do not eat much junk food but I do drink a lot of soda. Education is the only way to change it.

Joey Cermeño, 33, entertainer I heard about the tax increase, but I am not sure it will help. If we want our kids to stop eating junk food, we have to teach our kids it’s not good for them. I don’t have kids but I strongly believe that things are changed at home.

Ernesto Olvera, 50, security chief I sure hope it helps, but I think the better measure would be to encourage kids not only to eat well, but also to exercise. My wife and I have taught our kids to eat properly, and they have never really liked junk food anyway.

Luis Marin, 19, cook

I think it’s a good idea; this way kids will avoid eating junk food. But I think we as parents are the ones who have to teach them that it is harmful for their bodies and can stop their development.