Ask A Mexican

This week we asked: Now that Uber is in La Paz, there's speculation that the ride sharing app will make its way to Cabo. What do you think about this? Would you use it? Do you think it's fair to the taxi drivers?

09.JPGLeonel Martinez, 31, barman

Uber is a necessity now. Local transport is both ineficient and insufficient. The fairest thing would be to decrease rates and have better cars, because the transportation available now is obsolete. Buses are old except for the purple ones. Transportation drivers are part of the problem but are also the solution. If they don’t want Uber here then they should step up their game, both buses and taxis.

Victor Torres, 25, runner

It’s convenient for Uber to come to Cabo, because taxies here have very high rates and not all taxis are accessible. Sometimes they can’t stop anywhere, only where their areas are or they get fined. Uber is more convenient because it comes to exactly where you want and leaves you at your front door. I do think it’s fair because from the marina the taxis charge about $10 USD, from Abolengo, $8, and from Squid Roe, $5. Why should I have to walk around to get a different price within a few blocks? I think Uber fares would be in a price range between all of them.

Carlos Morales, 38, delivery driver

I wouldn’t use it because once you get in, you can’t change routes until you get to the destination. If taxi drivers don’t want Uber to come, then they should lower their rates.

Maria Mena, 36, cook

I think on one hand, it’s good because we lack transportation variety. On the other hand, drivers will lose clients. Big taxis don’t take us workers to dangerous neighborhoods, so it’s quite difficult to work downtown and live uptown. The good taxi drivers can focus on tourists and Uber can be for locals.

Josue Martinez, 63, retired

Uber would be a great alternative but, sadly, taxi drivers won’t allow it. They’re a mafia that is deeply associated with the government and there’s no way they will let anything interfere with their earnings. If there was a case though, where Uber was let in here, it would be great for the locals since it would be cheaper and they could use their earnings for something else.

Luis Mendoza, 23, coach

I don’t think it’s fair at all. People say taxis are too expensive, but they are big vehicles that spend a lot of money on gas and gas is very expensive in Cabo. Also, I think that there are way too many things happening in Cabo, which is turning it into just another city just like the mainland cities. We need to take a step back and keep our land as intact as we can as far as traditions go, even taxis.