Ask a Mexican

This week we asked college students: Now that the school year is over, what will you do during the summer?

Hector Estrada, 19, industrial design student

I will have to work, in a stationery store. We get big orders during the summer for back to school packages at public schools. These packages include notebooks, pencils, erasers, coloring pencils, pens and rulers and such. It depends on the grade, but we usually have to make over 500 packs, which means a lot of work. I have to work because my design projects are usually very expensive and I don’t feel comfortable asking my parents for that much money all the time.

Karen Lopez, 19, industrial design student

I’ll get a job. I still don’t know where exactly, but I want to find something like laser cutting or something along the lines for my degree, because it helps to get experience. I need a job to help cover the costs of my projects, since they are usually expensive.

Carmen Anguiano, 22, interior design student

I will finish my social service (a university requirement to graduate) and get a job. I still have a year before graduation, and with my social service I can’t work full time. I plan on getting any job I can, since my hours at service are in the morning, I can’t get a job anywhere that is related to my degree. At the service, I do what a secretary would do for a teacher who is in charge of master’s degrees at the economic and administrative campus.

Concepción Herrera, 20, industrial design student

I will get a job and work out. I don’t care what kind of job, just something part time. And I need to work out because during the school year there is not enough time. I’m thinking that I might get a job in sales. The commissions are usually good if you try hard to sell.

Susana Estrada, 21, industrial design student

I will work in a bookstore, it’s a pretty cool job and quite interesting. I wanted to do some summer school but the hours don’t allow me to work.

Raul Ríos, 23, industrial design student

I don’t know where, but I want to work in something related to my degree. I am almost done with school and I don’t need to do any summer school, so I want to make some money before I graduate just in case I don’t find a good job right after I get my degree.