Aqua World, Open Or Not? Legal or not?

First of all, don’t use dollars down here

Aqua World Cabo, that inflatable water park at the northeastern corner across the street from Cascadas Resort and kitty corner from the soccer field at the entrance to Cabo, celebrated their grand opening in grand style on Saturday, November 17, only to be closed down by city officials within hours. Their open-again-closed-again revolving door status is still in constant week to week uncertainty, and nobody is giving the straight story on it.

City officials of course don’t talk, they never do. Numerous visits to the park with the many blow up feathers garnered no information on their status and phone calls to the Aqua World offices went unanswered.

1805E34E-633D-4BAD-A7B2-BB5DF587DE59.jpegObviously the problem is permits, but which permits? Comes to mind water permits. Aqua World officials initially filled their tanks with water from tanker trucks and felt confident they would be able to get city water flowing through their pipes “eventually”. Of course using scarce city water for a Gringo owned business as frivolous as this would be a very bad move politically. Many people in the barrios only get water once or twice a week now, and tourist kids are swimming in it just a few miles away? Not a good look.

But these owners are foreigners, so who knows what mistakes of judgement and optimism they made? Obviously it was a big one.

Nevertheless, employees continue working on the site, busy cleaning and keeping their made in China blow up water features in good shape.

A full day pass into Aqua-World costs $35, a tad pricey for locals. Renting a Cabana for a day costs nearly $100, and no outside food or drink is allowed, so the total price for the day will be at least double that. It can seat up to six people and has two lounge chairs and a small table.

The place looks like a hoot, with water slides, obstacle courses, a pool deck around the main pool, shark slide, wrecking ball and more. They even have pony rides, just to add a little stink. Speaking of stink there does not appear to be a filter on any of these water features. Oh dear.

There is another water park, a more permeant one with features of built in concrete, not blow up canvas, but is way cheaper. It’s called Wild Wet Fun and is in the small rural community of Caduaño, which is nestled between San José and Santiago. This Wild Wet Fun features a limited number of water slides and floaties, along with a replica pirate ship and expansive pool areas. And while food and drinks could not be brought inside the facilities, the park did offer affordably priced hamburgers, hot dogs, pizzas and chicken tenders. The Wild Wet Fun park is open seasonally; generally only on weekends. Admission to the City of Caduaño's Wild Wet Fun park was a considerably lower 10 bucks.

If you go, be mindful you will be surrounded by a chingo of screaming kids.