Angie Vertti - The Rock Star Queen of Cabo


Angie Vertti first started playing guitar when she was 12 years old.

"I was born in Campeche, but it was just luck that I was born there. My family isn't from there and I wasn't raised there. My parents were part of a church, a Christian church, and they were doing a lot of missionary work. I have traveled my whole life. My mom was from Monterrey and my dad was from Puebla," said Angie when talking about her years before arriving in Cabo San Lucas in 2014.

It was while traveling with her parents and the church helping the underprivileged poor, during her youth, that Angie learned how to read, write and speak English.

"I was young and was really into it and I really wanted to learn, and I remember I learned rather quickly," added Angie, who spoke of learning the language from U.S. Americans of Christian faith that were in Mexico with her parents, helping with the many projects to assist the poor. "I also loved to read and read a lot of books in English."

Eventually, as Angie puts it, "The music found me," which took her away from the cozy, well-paying office job she held in Monterrey, Mexico, for six years before coming to Cabo. At the time, circa 2013, Angie had been performing locally in Monterrey, at relatively small lounge and bar venues, refining her songs and music repertoire.

In Monterrey, Angie entertained small crowds at the Drunken Duck, Roots Green Pub, The Corner, as well as a few other Northeastern Mexico area local hangouts.

"I wasn't planning on leaving my office job," she said. "It started when I did this leadership program where one of the incentives was to make something come true, something that you always wanted to do; make that come true. So they started pushing me towards actually doing something about music. And I did some presentations and was working on my original music, but as an artist in Mexico I feel it's really hard to do your own music, because first of all, there's no venue and second, it's not really an art culture in Mexico, to go to a bar and specifically support a local band or original music. At least that's how I feel from my experience of going to the States. Like Austin (Texas) is all about original bands and that vibe is really different. The music scene there is really strong, whereas here it's all about partying and hearing your favorite cover songs. And I have a brother and sister that have been living in Cabo for 15 years, and I thought, maybe I'll go there."

And here she is. One of Southern Baja California Region's best musicians and performer, who tends to bring the house down with her vocals and guitar; whether she is playing an acoustic solo set or with her entire Electric Lady Band, Angie Vertti has become a Los Cabos celebrity of sorts. Loved and respected by everyone who has met the friendly and charming young lady from the country of Mexico. Due to her constant travels with her parents' missionary Christian Church movement as a young girl and teenager, it's hard to pinpoint her Mexican City of origin. Angie has also been to Brazil with her parents and is fluent in speaking Portuguese as well. Her lifetime of travels, of course, didn't end in Mexico, the U.S., or South America.

In 2019, while playing at a hotel venue in Cabo San Lucas, she was invited, offered and signed a 6-month contract to sing and perform on a cruise ship that took her to Saint Lucia of the Caribbean, Amsterdam, Norway, Iceland, Estonia, Grand Cayman, Stockholm Sweden, and Lisbon, Portugal.

When she first arrived in Cabo San Lucas in February 2015, Angie literally went door-to-door asking for a spot or gig, and the first place that gave her an opportunity was Fiesta Americana Hotel on the Marina, where she performed for the next two years. After that, she started being invited by other local musicians and bands to sing and play with them. Which in turn led to the creation of her own Electric Lady Band, as well as the band Julieta.

Angie's cover-song set includes tunes by Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell, Janis Joplin, Neil Young, Tom Petty, Aretha Franklin, and Tracy Chapman, just to name a few. Flora Farms is the only venue that offers and encourages her to perform some of her original material that includes songs in Spanish, ''Inquieta Memoria" (Restless Memory) and ''Days of Heaven'' in English. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Angie has been performing Facebook "Live" mini-online concert, as a means to stay active and, of course, as a way to continue entertaining the local masses.

Some of the places Angie has performed in town since 2015, are Cabo Wine & Jazz, Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Hotel, Cabo Blue, Cabo Wabo, Rockstone, Sunset de Mona Lisa, Tiki Bar, Hooliganz, Jungle Bar, Sanchos, Romeo y Julieta, Pitahayas, Baja Cantina, Ventanas, The Cape at Thompson Hotel, Sancho Panza, Two for the Road, Solomon's Landing, and a litany of different Los Cabos four and five-star resort hotels.

"There's a lot of talent in Cabo, and I like working with all of them," she noted when discussing the different singers and musicians she has shared the stage with. "It's gone good for me, thankfully. And it's been very rewarding. The cruise ship experience was amazing."

And quite simply, at the end of the day, that's who the down to earth, versatile, bright, and attractive Angie Vertti is, "Amazing."