Watch Out for the Dengue Fever

You don't want to catch this!



bannerVer.jpgInspired by a case of dengue fever, a nasty disease caused by mosquitoes that is deadly in every 1 in 3 cases, this writer was fueled to fight back. Little did I know, one solution could be as simple as a homemade mosquito trap.

Little did I know, one solution could be as simple as a homemade mosquito trap. As a kid, I once collected cute little polliwogs to keep as pets at my friend’s house. We soon discovered they were, in fact, mosquito larvae which filled my best friend’s house with mosquitoes for months. Now is the time to make amends and right that bad mosquito karma. I pass this along because it is simple, cheap, non-toxic, and can help us all. Try it out and you decide if it works.

dengue.jpgLet’s look at how to eliminate pesky mosquitoes. Do you know why mosquitoes most often bite people on their ankles, wrists and face? Because these are the areas where we exude the most carbon dioxide which they like. To help fight these critters, we suggest a homemade trap that can kill them. What we need is very simple and cheap: ¾ cup hot water, ¼ cup brown sugar, one package yeast, and one 2-liter plastic bottle. Then follow these five simple steps.

Step one: Cut the plastic bottle in half horizontally. Use the bottom part. (Set aside the top part. You will need it later.)

Step two: Mix the brown sugar and hot water in your plastic bottle. Once dissolved, let cool.

Step 3: Add yeast. No need to mix. It will begin making carbon dioxide.

Step 4: Place the upper part of the bottle upside-down like a funnel on top of container.

Step 5: Cover the bottle with something black leaving the funnel part uncovered. Place in a corner of your house.

In two weeks, you will see a number of dead mosquitoes trapped in the bottle.