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  • So Where Are Our Developers Fees? (2017/06/16 07:11:46)

    With all these new developments going up, seems like the city would have a nice nest egg of developers fees to support them with traffic mitigation, sewage disposal, water use, instalation of electricity, yada yada yada.

    Well, it doesn’t quite work that way here.

    This picture is of a stadium Don Koll was asked to build out in the barrio in return for building the Hacienda Residences downtown. This was in Los Congrejos, when it was still a squatter camp, and when raw sewage was rolling down the side of the road.

    Now Chileno Bay has been asked to build an “Olympic” pool in return for developing their resort on the Corridor.

    Just a guess here, but maybe these foolish decisions are because cash fees would be stolen and you can’t steal a swimming pool? OK, well, we’ll go with that. But this reporter knew Don Koll and is sure he would have no problem with his name on a sewage plant. He was that kind of a guy.