Hurricane Norma Leaves Over 100K Without Power

 Hurricane Norma Leaves Over 100K Without Power

Hurricane Norma sure did a number on Baja California Sur! As of last night, areas throughout the municipality plunged into darkness as power outages hit and light poles toppled.

By Saturday morning, the mood wasn’t any brighter. During a session with the Civil Protection Council, the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) broke the news: a whopping 109,000 users lost their power, all thanks to Norma’s fury. But here’s a silver lining – amidst the chaos, the CFE crew worked their magic. By dawn, they had already managed to restore power to about 44.1% of those affected – that’s around 48,270 folks!

With fallen poles scattered about, the armed forces had one clear message: “Stay at home, folks!” And to keep things organized, they’ve even provided a hotline (6121170782) for people to report any downed poles. As we speak, efforts are underway to get things back to normal. And trust me, Hurricane Norma’s impact has been felt big time, especially in southern Baja California Sur, hitting spots like Los Cabos and the capital, La Paz.

Please Stay Safe!


  • We are still without power and curious when it will be restored as we are between the two major cities reported.

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