Todos Santos Wine Fest Returns

 Todos Santos Wine Fest Returns

Hey wine lovers! Mark your calendars because everyone’s favorite Wine Fest is back! This year, it’s happening from December 8 to 10 in the enchanting town of Todos Santos. It’s going to be a blast, and you won’t want to miss it!

The fest kicks off with a Gastronomical Tour on the south side of town. We’ll be hopping between several restaurants, tasting the best of what Todos Santos has to offer. And guess what? There’s an afterparty at the Guaycura hotel’s Sky Lounge! It’s the perfect place to unwind and meet fellow wine enthusiasts.

On December 9, we’re exploring the north side of town. More restaurants, more delicious food, and yes, more wine! And the fun doesn’t stop there. We’re throwing another afterparty, this time just across the street from the Casa Tota hotel. It’s going to be epic!

Finally, the main event is on Sunday, December 10. It starts at 6 pm at the Santa Terra development (it’s like Oystera) right at the entrance to town. This is where the magic happens, folks! It’s the highlight of the Wine Fest, and it’s going to be a night to remember.

So, stay tuned for ticket sales and get ready to sip and savor at this year’s Wine Fest. It’s a celebration of good food, exquisite wine, and great company. See you in Todos Santos!

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