Blood Bank Badly Needed

 Blood Bank Badly Needed

With the ongoing growth in the population of Los Cabos and the increasing number of tourists, the need for a modern blood bank becomes more and more obvious. A few years ago the H+ Hospital on the fourlane stated that they planned to create a blood bank. Then they went mute.

Just recently, an elderly ex-pat lady, Linda O, was at H+ needing the rare O- blood type for life-saving emergency surgery. Fortunately, a few local expats could come to her help. They were former Beso Bar owners Judy Baggiarini, Dylan James, Rodney Davidson, Cindy Laycock Kerslake and Gail Millikan.

The report from them is that there are only two beds to lay on to give your precious blood, no organized process to donate, not enough qualified staff, no public education and anyone that requires blood basically relies on strangers coming forward at the last minute, often too late. Plus, the requirements to donate are too stringent in a country where medical malpractice lawsuits are almost non-existent.

Los Cabos has top-notch doctors, nurses and facilities but without blood, you are dead anyway even with the best medical insurance. For a so-called World Class Tourist Destination, something has to be done. Any ideas out there?


  • I’ve now donated (voluntarily) twice at H+. There’s nothing wrong with the system. They only have two beds, correct, but the staff could not be better.
    I am a regular donar with 193 donations, mostly in Canada. I fully agree, scale up, but the H+ team is great. In fact, I enjoy their process more than the “puppy “mill” they run in Canada….

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