Flora and Fauna of the Southern Baja: Unusual Species

 Flora and Fauna of the Southern Baja: Unusual Species


Some of the most extraordinary species on the planet can be found in the southern Baja peninsula of Mexico. The variety of flora and fauna found in this astounding area of the world, from plains to hills, coastline to woodlands, is truly incomparable. La Paz car hire options give you the freedom to explore Mexico’s incredible scenery at your own pace without restrictions and limitations enabling you to experience some of the most extraordinary lifeforms, including cacti, birds, amphibians, and reptiles in Southern Baja.

Much of it is only viewable by driving off-road. You can take your time examining and photographing all that this astounding area has to offer if you have your own set of wheels. 

In addition to the greater freedom to explore, сar hiring is also very affordable. Public transportation in the country can be quite limited, so having your own vehicle gives you a lot more flexibility when it comes to getting around. Plus, it can even end up being cheaper than taking taxis or buses everywhere.

The Flora of the Southern Baja

Countless extraordinary and gorgeous plant species can be found in the Southern Baja area. There is no shortage of captivating flora to discover, from the cacti of the desert to the grand palms by the coastline.

The Cardon Cactus is one of Southern Baja’s most distinguishable plants. These massive cacti can reach up to 20 meters and are an important source of food for many desert animals. If you’re lucky, you might even see the “Giant Cardon,” a rare species of Cardon that grows up to 30 meters. There are many other notable plants including the Boojum Tree, Elephant Tree and Ocotillo. The Boojum Tree is a strange-looking specimen that is actually a member of the sunflower family and can be found in remote areas of the desert.

Extraordinary Fauna of the Southern Baja

The fauna in the region is quite diverse. Lizards, snakes, rodents, and birds are some of the most common creatures. However, this area is also home to some more curious creatures such as the Horned lizard. Also known as the horned toad or frog, it is one of the most identifiable animals in the region. These tiny lizards have two long horns sticking out of their heads. Although they are generally harmless to humans, their appearance can be staggering and threatening.

The Gila Monster is another reptile that can be found in southern Baja. These venomous lizards are native to North America and can be found in Mexico and Arizona’s deserts and dry woods. They’re not naturally violent towards humans, but if you see one it’s wise to keep your distance. 

The Tecopa pupfish is a tiny fish, blue or turquoise in color, and the males have fins that are brilliantly orange. The Tecopa can tolerate temperatures up to 50 degrees Celsius since it is suited to living in warm waters.

The Peninsular bighorn sheep resides in the mountains of southern California and northern Baja and is a subspecies of the Bighorn Sheep. They can easily survive in harsh, mountainous environments. Bighorn sheep males fight each other during the mating season using their large horns. Due to habitat destruction and fragmentation and disease transmission from farm animals, the Peninsular bighorn sheep is classified as Endangered.

For more detailed information check out the list by going to: https://animalia.bio/baja-california?page=1