Los Cabos All lnclusive Resorts Among the Best in Mexico

The spotlight’s on Los Cabos, and for all the right reasons! Travel + Leisure magazine, a name that’s synonymous with globetrotting chic, has just dropped their latest list of Mexico’s creme de la creme in resort luxury. And guess what? Three of Los Cabos’ all-inclusive havens have secured their spots among the top twelve in […]

New Tourist Project to Be Reviewed

Big news for the folks in Santiago, Buenavista! The proposed “Punto Blanco” development, with a hefty $3 million tag, is about to step into the spotlight. The Secretariat of the Environment has given the green light for public scrutiny on this ambitious project, which includes hotels and residences. It’s democracy in action, and every voice […]

Mexico’s Overall Hotel Occupancy Up

Heads up, Los Cabos locals and lovers – we’ve got some brag-worthy news from Mexico’s Tourism Secretariat! The latest stats on hotel occupancy are in, and guess what? We’ve clinched the bronze, sitting pretty in third place nationwide. It’s not just good news; it’s a testament to our slice of paradise and the folks who […]

Todos Santos Highly Praised Again

Once again, Todos Santos is basking in the spotlight, and rightfully so! The esteemed Condé Nast Traveler has given our charming town a well-deserved nod, featuring it in their list of the “11 Beautiful Small Towns in Mexico Too Often Overlooked by Tourists.” It’s a recognition that highlights the unique allure of Todos Santos, a […]

Three More Hotels Opening in Los Cabos

If you’re a regular follower of our updates (and if not, tsk tsk!), you’ve probably heard the buzz about the new hotels gracing our tourist destination this year. But it’s worth mentioning again because, let’s face it, this is some exciting news! First up on the list is the lavish Park Hyatt at Cabo del […]

Los Cabos Closes the Year With Good Occupancy

As the holiday season kicks into full gear, Los Cabos is buzzing with more than just festive cheer – the hotel scene is absolutely thriving! The hotel association of Los Cabos has just dropped some impressive numbers that paint a picture of a bustling resort destination. During the Christmas long weekend, the average occupancy hit […]

Hilton to Open a Hotel in La Paz

Big news for all the travel enthusiasts out there! Hilton, a name synonymous with hospitality, is setting its sights on La Paz. The buzz is all about the upcoming transformation of the historic Hotel La Perla, a landmark located right across from the stunning malecón in downtown La Paz. This isn’t just a simple makeover; […]

Timeshare Resorts Report Highest Occupancy

As we bid farewell to this year and welcome the new one, the Los Cabos Timeshare Association has some exciting news to share. They’re expecting a buzzing holiday season, with at least 95 percent of their rooms set to be filled with holidaymakers. Imagine the resorts, bustling with activity and the air filled with excitement! […]

Los Cabos Becomes a World Leader

Big news for our stunning slice of paradise, Los Cabos! As the holiday season rolls in, it’s not just the festive lights that are shining bright – our hotel reservation numbers are dazzling too. According to the latest scoop from technology research group Amadeus, Los Cabos is leading the pack in global hotel reservations for […]

Our Tourism Keeps on Changing. New Trend Seen

Cabo’s tourism scene is getting a fresh new look, and it’s not just about the sunny skies and beachside relaxation anymore. We’ve noticed a shift in the type of travelers flocking to our shores, and the latest study from the Los Cabos Tourism Fund confirms it. The results are in, and they’re pretty intriguing! Gone […]