Que Pasa in Cabo?

 Que Pasa in Cabo?


There Are Options for the Chili Cook-Off!This year’s Chili Cook-Off, which will take place on Sunday, February 18, will donate 100% of its proceeds to P.E.T. Los Cabos, an organization devoted to rescuing, spaying and neutering stray pets. Donations are needed and they are tax deductible in the U.S. PayPal to RobZolezzi@gmail.com or email him for more information. Tickets are still available but will sell out as last year. 

Local Volunteer Firemen GO to the U.S. for Training.Xavi Moreno and Juan Sandoval, two of the Cabo San Lucas volunteer fire department are traveling to the Puyallup Extrication Team to get trained on extrication from heavy vehicles. Congratulations! 

Spring Break is Coming and We Have Surprising News! Yeah, we know most Cabo residents close their eyes when Spring Break is coming. Loud kids, drunken kids, the beach is invaded and we can’t enjoy it, loud music everywhere, etc. But you loooved Spring Break when you were young, didn’t you? Well, this is good news. According to Getmyboat, the world’s largest boat rental marketplace (Think Airbnb, but for boats), Spring break is a super busy time on the water as it is great for families or groups of friends — you can enjoy water sports, see dolphins in the wild, and keep everyone entertained for hours while soaking up the sun. And the best part is that it can be way more affordable than you’d think; with boat rentals starting as low as $50/hour. And which destination Getmyboat says is the top seller this year? Cabo! The most booked boating destinations for Spring Break 2024 are 1. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 2. Miami, Florida, 3. Nassau, Bahamas. 4. Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 5. Honolulu, Hawaii. Hoooray!

Children’s Fishing Tournament Coming. The “Sierra Baja Cantina” fishing tournament for children 8 to 12 years of age will be held on Sunday, February 18 with training and registration on Saturday, February 17 at the Maria Corona restaurant. There is no registration fee and no restriction on the type of vessel. The species to fish is Sierra only. There will be prizes for the first 3 places and the boat captains. For information call 613-113-6276 or 624-147-7559. 

There Will Be Floats at the La Paz Carnival! At least fourteen floats will parade along the malecon during this year’s carnival, dubbed “Mexico Magico.” Do we need to translate that for you bunky? We don’t think so. There will be a big fiesta along the malecon – closed to vehicle traffic – from February 11 to 13, with lots of food stands, beer stands and live music. Be there or be square!

Direct Flights Spain – Cabo Return! Iberojet, the Spain-based airline, will resume its Madrid-Los Cabos direct flights as of June 23, ending the route on September 28. This will be the third year that Iberojet brings us European tourists from Spain, Germany, France, Italy and some from the United Kingdom. Let’s welcome them with a smile!

Tourist Development Coming Near Santiago. Two hotels, one of them a ranch-style lodging and a beach club will be developed in the ocean side of Santiago, a rural community located north of San Jose del Cabo on the road to the East Cape. The project has been named “Punto Blanco,” or White Point and covers 150 hectares (a little over 370 acres). We keep on growing!

Mexico Among the Top Recipients of Investment.Preliminary data issued by the UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) on foreign investment indicates that Mexico was among the top four countries that received the largest Direct Foreign Investment last year. Mexico’s DFI increased by 21% compared to 2022, with a total of US $43,900 million. The other three countries were Germany, Argentina and Canada. 

Lots More Water for La Paz.Several water well pumping installations have been repaired in La Paz in the last few months, alleviating thirst little by little. The latest one was Well # 15-B, which will add almost 3 gallons per second of the precious liquid to the system. In addition, several water basins in the surrounding mountains have been restored providing more water to agriculture and cattle breeders. It is estimated that a total of 50 water basins can be restored. 

West Africans in La Paz Looking for Asylum in the U.S. Several Africans, men and women, have been seen in La Paz. They came from Guinea on their way to the northern border, where they will apply for political asylum in the U.S. They told the press that they chose our state’s route as they found out it is the safest to reach their destiny. Guinea is predominantly Muslim (85%) with an important number of Catholics as well.