Zipper’s Restaurant Does It Again!

 Zipper’s Restaurant Does It Again!

Bringing Joy to over 100 Children


Following a tradition of 30 years started by his father, Tony Magdaleno, a.k.a. Big Tony of Zipper’s restaurant fame in San Jose, gathered hundreds of toys for 115 children that spend 5 days a week in rural shelters to get elementary education and then go back to their ranches for the weekend. Some of them are orphans and live in those shelters year-round. The shelters are located in Palo Escopeta, Caduaño, Candelaria, Agua Caliente and a few came from the Casa Hogar in San Jose del Cabo. 

The boys and girls were treated to a Christmas party of Zipper’s famous hamburgers, cake, candies, a piñata, and the wonderful visit of Santa. Thank you, Big Tony, for doing this every year! 

Note from the editor: There will be another party on Three Wise Men’s Day in early January, so feel free to bring some additional toys!