New Condo Project Coming Up in El Tezal

 New Condo Project Coming Up in El Tezal


Latitud 22 Norte is a company that aims to keep all the necessary pieces for real estate development in perfect harmony. It is a unique developer in having an award-winning architecture team at the core of the company creating an efficient working dynamic for all deals. It is comprised of two heavyweights: Pablo Cruz and Agustín Landa.

Pablo Cruz is a developer with extensive experience in real estate projects of different categories including commercial, residential and mixed-use projects in the states of Chihuahua and now Baja California Sur. On the other hand, Agustín Landa is an award-winning architect with a portfolio of more than 50 projects all over Mexico, covering a wide range of commercial, residential, industrial, corporate and mixed-use complexes. Agustín has a tremendous amount of experience in real estate development under his belt and in all segments (medium-high, AAA). He has been in the industry forever since he comes from a family of architects. His father and his grandfather were both renowned and multi-awarded architects and the three of them share the same name! 

Today they have started Las Arenas, a residential complex in the heart of Los Cabos at El Tezal. This venture was born with the idea of creating a home in the center of paradise, while maintaining the privacy and tranquility very few coastal locations can provide.

For this venture, Latitud 22 Norte has also decided to work closely with Axioma Proyectos ( as part of their construction team. Since they are a company they’ve been working alongside on more than 30 projects together, auditing the hydroelectric, lighting, sanitary, contracts, structural engineering, etc. and have led various other projects, including Mazatlan’s aquarium.

The team is headed by Eduardo Jasso, the current Latitud 22 Norte project leader in Cabo San Lucas, in charge of the ongoing programs in the city, plus the back office located in Monterrey. 

For this and all the projects in Baja California Sur, and to avoid seismic issues, since the San Andreas Fault marks the junction between the North American and Pacific Plate tectonics; very close to us, the company did a geological study and hired the famous Dr. Roberto Stark, structural specialist and concrete rock star.

Latitud 22 Norte is currently being funded by several family offices from the city of Monterrey, as well as lawyers for the land contract, closings and deeds from the northeastern state of Nuevo León. 

They started building Las Arenas in February of this year and hope to finish the civil works by January 2024 and the whole construction by July of 2024. Latitud 22 Norte is currently working with Ventura One as their realtor, having 70% of the project sold as we print this. Their main customers are Americans, Canadians, Mexicans and Chileans.

They collaborate closely with big household brands such as CEMEX, Deacero, Panel Rey, and Interceramic, amongst others.

The development has two towers, with two elevators per tower offering one, two and three-bedroom apartments (860 ft2, 1,080 ft2 and 1,400 ft2 each), starting at US$350,000 dollars and finishing at US$850,000 dollars.

All penthouses have access to the roof terrace, plus a common area with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, gym, a small spa, lounges, fire pits, a garden in the middle, as well as a water treatment plant with two cisterns where gray water is recycled and used to wash cars and water plants, since there is no drainage system in the city.

The lower floors will include an area of around 4,350 ft2 of commercial premises for rent or sale.

Today, they have a sample apartment so potential customers can experience the look and feel of living in Las Arenas, which will also have a sand-colored finish, to blend in with the environment and have as little maintenance cost as possible throughout the life of the building.

Feel free to visit Las Arenas at and stay tuned for their upcoming projects, such as Los Cantos, a residential complex, also in the heart of El Tezal, which will start construction next year as well as pre-sales. Be sure to follow them on Instagram @loscantoscabo.

Coming soon also: Distrito Palmira, a conceptual project developed for a privileged beachfront location in the city of La Paz.