Que Pasa in Cabo?

 Que Pasa in Cabo?

The Whale Sharks Are Here! The National Commission of Protected Natural Areas has announced that there are at least 8 whale sharks in La Paz Bay and has authorized the tours to swim with them. The whale shark is a slow-moving, filter-feeding carpet shark and the largest known extant fish species. The largest confirmed individual had a length of 18.8 m. Anyone going? 

Over a Third or the 50 Best Restaurants in Mexico Are in Cabo.That’s what diners booking through the Open Table app are saying, that 18 out of the 50 best, or 36 percent, are in Los Cabos and La Paz. The list includes: Acre, Arbol, Humo, La Lupita, Seared, Alebrije, Casa Martín, Cocina del Mar, Comal, El Farallón, El Huerto Farm, JM Steak House, Manta, Marea, Nobu, Picaro and The Rooftop. In La Paz, the winner is Nemi restaurant. Congratulations to all! 

Vehicle Traffic Changes Being Implemented. The state’s head of Infrastructure, communications and transport reported that at last count, 60,000 vehicles drive around the Fonatur roundabout in San Jose del Cabo. Some changes that have been implemented are reducing maximum speeds from 90 to 60 km/hr from Home Depot to the entrance to Cabo, and from the Fonatur roundabout to Cerro Colorado. Oh, and a surprising speedbump that was poured under the La Ballena bridge (Santa Carmela area) in the SJD to CSL direction. Plus, traffic agents manually change the lights of spotlights in key areas during rush hour. Not enough, but at least something is Being done. Drive defensively, and stay safe!

Desal Plant Increases Production Big-Time. It took an announcement by Mayor Oscar Leggs that the Los Cabos government would sue the company that operates the desal plant for production to jump from 94.5 to 563 gallons per second. The desalination plant is operated by an external contractor whose performance was extremely inefficient. We hope the production continues as is now. 

Foreign Investment Keeps on Flowing. During the third quarter of this year, Baja California Sur received $186.4 million dollars in foreign investment. This amount was the highest in the country in the tourism industry. The investment was done in condos, homes and hotels.

Japanese Tourism Growing Fast. Among the countries of origin of foreign tourism to Southern Baja, some of the largest growth is the Japanese, which increased 500 percent from January to August this year. The Japanese are followed closely by Colombian tourism (38%) and German (33%). Irasshaimase (Welcome) everyone! 

Profile of Los Cabos Tourists is Changing.According to the Los Cabos Tourism Fund (FITURCA), the new tourists are no longer here just to play golf or fish, but also to take in other activities. Among the top are hiking, gastronomy, and open-air activities including visits to ecologically protected sites, bird watching and nature photography. 

Los Cabos About to Break Record Again. The Los Cabos Tourism Fund (FITURCA) reports that from January to October this year, our tourist destination’s airports received 3.2 million visitors. FITURCA estimates that by the end of the year, we will have received 4 million pilgrims, up 13% from last year. We are sooo loved! 

New Public Buses Arrive to La Paz. They look pretty pretty, they are electric and will certainly upgrade the comfort of users. It took a long time for the La Paz government to negotiate with the bus companies to upgrade their shitty jalopies, but they are here now. Hoooraaay!

Cabo Keeps on Breaking Records. The Los Cabos International Airport reported an increase of 11.5 percent in the number of domestic and international passengers for the period January-October 2023 in comparison with last year. Well, we’re pretty, we’re safe, we’re friendly, have the best weather with 300 sunny days a year and have great tacos and margaritas, so why not fly down to Cabo? What are you waiting for?

Los Cabos Average Rate Stays Put. Throughout the past summer season, long considered the “low season” of tourism, the average room rate of Los Cabos hotels remained above $400 USD. However, those staying at the 14 most luxurious are paying an average of $1,200 USD per night, states the latest report from the local hotel association. 

Impressive Number of Sea Turtles Protected. The sea turtle eggs that have been rescued from 2,000 nests and transferred to the “El Presidente” beach next to the San Jose estuary reached an impressive number. 200,000 eggs have been protected and to this date, about 50 percent of baby sea turtles have been released to sea. Only one in 100 make it to adult life, so this is important guys, and Mexico protects these critters all over our oceans. 

Spay & Neuter Campaign Breaks Record. Last weekend’s Snip and Snap campaign was orchestrated by Casa Sheila and Chiquitas Friends humane organizations, joined by several others, spayed and neutered 1,472 doggies and kitties in 2 days and 10 cities. Among them, are Tijuana 227, La Paz 78, Mexicali 313, Cabo San Lucas 270, San Jose del Cabo 183 and several more. Congratulations!

New Fire Stations Coming Up. Two new fire stations are being built in the rural areas of Los Cabos, specifically in Santiago and La Ribera in the East Cape, which will reduce the response time to 10 minutes. Back in the day, the only fire stations were in La Paz and San Jose del Cabo, and it took 1 hour to get to the fire scene. The station in Buenavista has reduced the response time, and these two new ones will help a lot. 

Largest Ketch Sailing Boat Visits Cabo. The luxurious 85.9m / 281’10” ‘AQuiJo’ sail yacht is in the Cabo marina. Built by the Dutch shipyard Oceanco, it is available for charter. This award-winning yacht features interior styling by Dölker+Voges Design. Built in 2016, AQuiJo offers guest accommodation for up to 12 guests in 7 suites comprising a master suite, three VIP cabins, one double cabin, one twin cabin and one cabin that can operate as a twin or double.

Is Someone Killing Trees in La Paz? Several old trees are dying in the La Paz malecón, with signs of burnt oil on their soil or inside holes in their trunks. The city’s ecology department is investigating. 

Whale Shark Watching Tours Not Available Yet. The number of whale sharks arriving in La Paz is at a minimum, said Ivan Ravell, spokesman for the Whale Shark Watching Commission. They have not arrived in the past two months – when they usually are here – due to ocean water contamination caused by Hurricane Norma’s destruction of boats and that of a couple of vessels that caught fire and sank.

Toy Drive! Toy Drive!Big Tony, owner of the Zipper’s restaurant in Costa Azul Beach is holding his 29th annual Toy Drive to benefit children from rural areas living in shelters while attending school from Monday to Friday. Toys for boys and girls are welcome every day at Zipper’s. Please do not donate toys that need batteries. The gifts will be delivered near Christmas at a party for the children at Zipper’s, and again on Three Wise Men Day in January. Thank you!

Good Housekeeping Magazine Names Baja Town Best of the Year. The quaint, magic town of Loreto, located 356 miles north of Cabo San Lucas on the Sea of Cortes, was named the 2024 Family Travel Awards Winner. It is the perfect location for outdoor adventures like snorkeling, diving, kayaking, and paddleboarding in crystal-clear, nutrient-rich waters. Whether swimming off the white-sand beaches of Isla Coronados, diving at the various sites at Isla del Carmen or kayaking around the scenic coves of Isla Danzante, the unique locales offered around the islands of Loreto have everything to offer.