Profile of Los Cabos Tourists is Changing

 Profile of Los Cabos Tourists is Changing


According to the folks over at the Los Cabos Tourism Fund (FITURCA), there’s a bit of a change-up happening with the tourists heading their way. Gone are the days when it was all about golf swings and fishing lines. Sure, those are still big hits, but now there’s a whole new game in town.

These new-age travelers are all about soaking in a variety of experiences. Hiking’s become a big deal – think trekking through those stunning landscapes, from desert vistas to ocean views. And then, there’s the food! Gastronomy tours are the new ‘in’ thing, with visitors eager to taste local flavors and culinary delights. We’re talking fresh seafood, traditional Mexican dishes, and maybe even a margarita or two (or three, who’s counting?).

But wait, there’s more! Open-air activities are also on the rise. Tourists are now flocking to ecologically protected sites, which is great for both the environment and Instagram feeds. Bird watching and nature photography are also hitting a high note. Imagine capturing that perfect shot of a rare bird or a breathtaking sunset. It’s all about getting that perfect blend of adventure and tranquility.

So, what’s the big picture here? Los Cabos is evolving from just a golf and fishing paradise to a destination with something for everyone. Whether you’re a nature buff, a foodie, or just someone looking to enjoy the great outdoors, this place is quickly turning into a must-visit spot. The new tourists in town aren’t just passing through; they’re here to explore and experience all that Los Cabos has to offer.