Learning With Love

 Learning With Love


“We firmly believe that by cultivating capabilities, such as analysis and resolution of problems, the processing of information and adaptation to the challenges they will face in adult life, we are helping reach the potential of every child,” said Iris Elguera, director and teacher of the non-profit organization, “Learning with Love,” which was founded in 2020. 

The program, created by the Guadalajara University-educated Elguera, targets girls and boys growing up in vulnerable situations that are prevalent in impoverished neighborhoods like Lower Caribe and Invasión Caribe.

Elguera’s program gives the poorest of 22 elementary-aged children an educational opportunity to learn. The non-profit organization can also be characterized as a community school with personalized programs. 

“We provide quality learning and the support children need to be successful, both academically and socially. We work so more girls and boys of Los Cabos, who have been left behind by our public schools, can access quality learning through our two programs,” added Elguera. 

”Our community school is an educational program based on scientific evidence, offered in a safe place to learn, which includes a daily meal and access to books and educational materials from where they can learn. Many people do not know there are many children in our city who live in vulnerable areas, that do not go to school because there are not enough spaces in our schools. There are also many children over 8 years old who, although they attend school, do not know how to read and write.”

The program also provides cultural experiences to enrich young lives and also offers diverse activities with personalized learning sessions. This includes children who have some difficulty learning or a specific diagnosis such as autism, ADHD, and language/speaking barriers.

“We are looking for sponsors with big hearts who want to work as a team to fulfill our mission. Every contribution we receive will directly help in the education of our children and in the future of our community,” said Elguera, whose program is committed to transparency and ensuring each donation has a significant impact on the lives of students.

As for the school campus itself, her non-profit has secured a lot in the Lower Caribe area where most of the kids live. It is there they will build within the next year or so. For now, the classroom is on the second floor of the yellow-painted Golden Palace building in room 35, situated next to the Aguila bus station. For physical fitness, children step outside and do light warmups, stretching and exercise at least twice a week. Once a week the children receive music lessons. Classes are Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

“If a company or business is interested in collaborating with our school, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide everyone with more information about our institution and work together towards making a difference and building a more promising future for all and being part of the change,” said Elguera. “I would love for anyone and everyone to visit us and meet the students, because I know that when people spend time with them, they will realize the importance of caring for children with a loving and quality education.”

The Learning with Love community school has one anonymous donor and would greatly benefit from more local support. For more information please contact aprendiendoconamorac@gmail.com or call Iris Elguera (624) 235-7637 and/or Ivan Ramirez (624)127-0675.

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