Firefighters Fundraising Ball

 Firefighters Fundraising Ball


While the day of the dead was fast approaching, our local heroic fire department had already prepared the 2nd Annual Fireman’s ball/dance/fundraising event entitled “Dancing with the Catrina,” which consists of the presentation of a large collection of seasonal dresses on a catwalk where the models will characterize as Catrines and Catrinas. And like the first Fireman’s ball that began in 1866 in Warsaw, Poland, our local event will likewise feature a dance floor, music and hors d’oeuvres. 

During the press conference for this event, the Cabo San Lucas fire commander shared the importance of raising funds to continue carrying out the emergency response which our volunteer fire department personnel provide 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“The objective of raising funds in the fire department is permanent. We cannot at some point say we no longer need funds because there is a very large amount of expenses maintaining the fire department services for all emergencies. The growth of emergency services has increased in Cabo San Lucas and obviously the greater the number of services, the greater the need for resources. The services our fire department provides are very expensive. When we talk about equipping the fire department in an ideal way, we are talking about millions of pesos just to reach an acceptable standard.”

The October 26 event, held at Playa Grande Resort Hotel, started at 5 p.m., costing 1,500 pesos per person, including two drinks, a cocktail, and snacks, in addition to enjoying the catwalk of dresses designed by Yolanda Guillén.

Juan Carbajal, commander of the Cabo San Lucas fire department, said the proceeds from this event would be used to purchase a defibrillator that will be installed in his second ambulance. 

“Right now, we have two ambulances working and providing service to the community, yet only one of them is equipped with a defibrillator, which is a vital instrument for saving lives. It gives a second chance to people who may be having a heart attack and without that instrument, it is difficult to restore a person’s pulse,” said Carbajal.

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