Ask a Mexican

 Ask a Mexican

How do you celebrate posadas? What do they mean to you?

Luisa Martinez, 35, Yoga Instructor. Posadas are like our food fiesta time! When it’s that season, my family and I turn our kitchen into a busy Mexican food center. We get all hands on deck making those mouthwatering tamales, brewing up that aromatic hot punch, and frying those addictive buñuelos. Our place becomes the hotspot for friends and relatives, as we crank up the music, share hilarious stories, and just soak in the joyous atmosphere. It’s a time when we not only relish the diverse flavors of our culture but also create enduring memories that we reminisce about all year long.

Ricardo Gomez, 40, Construction Worker. It’s all about giving back to our community. My buddies and I organize these mega-events to collect donations for those who are struggling. We go big with the parties too, inviting everyone we know to join in the festivities. It’s about spreading the good vibes and Christmas spirit, making sure no one feels left out, and reminding ourselves of the true spirit of unity and friendship that this season is all about. We all come together, share a laugh, and make some unforgettable memories in the process.

Valeria Flores, 25, Artist. Posadas mean an explosion of art and colors for me! I can’t wait for those vibrant street parades where everyone’s decked out in their flashy costumes and fancy masks. I dive headfirst into the energy of the celebrations, dancing with the local groups, and showcasing the soul of our cultural heritage. The best part is knowing that we’re keeping our traditions alive, infusing them with our modern creativity, and passing them down to the next generation. It’s all about celebrating our roots and having an absolute blast while doing it!

Jorge Sandoval, 50, Taxi Driver. When Posadas roll around, it’s all about reconnecting with my spirituality. I make it a point to join in the church processions and lend a hand in setting up those breathtaking nativity scenes. I take great pride in my woodworking skills, meticulously carving those tiny figures that bring the Christmas story to life. The essence of Posadas for me lies in reflecting on the deeper meaning of the holiday season, reminding myself and those around me of the significance of love, compassion, and faith in our lives.

Marisol Diaz, 30, Community Organizer. Posadas are all about rallying the community together and lending a helping hand to those in need. I roll up my sleeves and work with local groups to organize food and clothing drives, ensuring that everyone has something to look forward to during the festivities. We throw these massive community bashes where people from all walks of life come together to share laughter, stories, and good food. It’s all about spreading a little kindness, creating a sense of belonging, and fostering a spirit of inclusivity that embodies the true essence of the holiday season.

Pablo Hernandez, 60, History teacher. Posadas are my time to geek out on all things history! I host these laid-back gatherings where we dive deep into the origins and evolution of this beloved celebration. It’s all about uncovering the fascinating stories behind the customs, tracing their roots through the archives of time, and understanding how they’ve evolved over the years. I relish the opportunity to share my knowledge and passion with others, ensuring that our rich cultural traditions remain alive and vibrant. It’s about cherishing our heritage, preserving our legacy, and passing down our cherished customs to future generations, ensuring that they stay relevant and cherished for many more Posadas to