Please Stop Asking if Cabo is Safe

 Please Stop Asking if Cabo is Safe

Ah, the age-old cry on social media: “Is it safe?” Well, let’s dive into that a bit, shall we?

It seems like everyone and their dog has been asking that question lately, especially when it comes to Baja Sur. But, here’s some comforting news. According to the latest report from the Baja Sur attorney general, there have only been a mere 21 homicides in the entire state this year. Yup, you read that right. Just 21.

And get this – that low number isn’t just impressive on its own. It actually makes Baja Sur the reigning champion with the least homicides in the whole country! So, to answer the burning question: it seems our lovely state is not only beautiful but pretty darn safe too. Maybe it’s time to plan a trip? Just saying.


  • 21 that were known.

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