Do You Think You Know Mexico?

 Do You Think You Know Mexico?


The official name of your favorite country is not Mexico, but Estados Unidos Mexicanos. If you have temporary or permanent residence, your I.D. states that.

Mexico’s official flag was designed in 1821 but did not become official until 1968.

Do you think that Egypt’s pyramids are the largest ones? Think again. The Great Pyramid in Cholula, in the state of Puebla in Mexico’s southeast near Mexico City, is 1,476.30 feet wide by 1,476.30 feet tall and was built in the year 300 B.C.

We are the country with the most Spanish speakers in the world, with over 130 million inhabitants. Larger than Spain, where the language was born.

The country also has 64 recognized indigenous languages and 364 variants of them, besides Spanish. 

The largest university in the world is in Mexico City. The National Autonomous University (UNAM) has over 360,000 students and was founded in 1551, making it the oldest university in America.

Mexico is like a crumpled paper, full of mountains, sierras, lowlands, volcanos and beaches, where all types of weather live together and give life to ten percent of all the plants and animals on the planet.

Last but not least, chocolate is a Mexican creation, thanks to the Olmec, Aztec, Toltec and Mayan civilizations. You are welcome!


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