Cabo Cuisine Does The U.K.!

 Cabo Cuisine Does The U.K.!

On November 8, an unforgettable culinary journey at the London Bridge and Santo Remedio restaurants in London is taking place. They’re hosting an exclusive event dubbed “A Taste of Cabo,” showcasing the culinary magic of Los Cabos. This is a must-attend for all food enthusiasts!

Four renowned chefs from Los Cabos are set to grace the kitchens: Angel Carbajal from Nick San, Javier Plascencia from Jazamango, Cesar Pita from Lumbre, and Edgar Roman from Don Sanchez. Each chef brings their unique flair and expertise, promising an evening of exceptional flavors and gastronomic delight.

The menu is a tantalizing tour of Baja California’s best. Start with the fresh Todos Santos Oysters, followed by a zesty Baja Californian Tuna Tostada. For a true taste of the region, the Los Cabos Ceviche with autumn vegetables is a must-try. The San Jose del Cabo tamale will undoubtedly be a highlight, offering a warm, comforting embrace of traditional Mexican cuisine. And for a sweet finale, there’s a special dessert incorporating Damiana liquor, a unique touch that captures the essence of the region.

All this culinary excellence comes at a price of 95 Euros, which, considering the lineup of dishes and chefs, seems like a steal. We’re rooting for this event to be a smashing success. It’s not just a dinner; it’s a journey through the flavors of Los Cabos, right in the heart of London.

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