Lots More Police Cruisers Deployed Along Our Highways

 Lots More Police Cruisers Deployed Along Our Highways

In a significant development, Governor Victor Castro has unveiled a substantial contribution by the state government: the delivery of dozens of National Guard cruisers. This remarkable addition bolsters the state’s National Guard fleet to an impressive tally of over 100 cruisers. The strategic deployment of these vehicles is set to reinforce security measures along the sprawling Transpeninsular highway, extending from the picturesque Los Cabos to the vibrant city of La Paz. Notably, this heightened vigilance encompasses the entire stretch of the tourist corridor, which has been identified as a critical area requiring attention due to safety concerns.

With this proactive step, local authorities are optimistic that the increased presence of the National Guard will help address the concerning surge in car wrecks and accidents. By focusing on this initiative, there’s a shared hope that the collaboration between law enforcement and state authorities will pave the way for safer travels along these scenic routes. This endeavor not only enhances road safety but also fosters an environment where residents and visitors can traverse with confidence and peace of mind.

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