La Paz to Begin Pets Registration

 La Paz to Begin Pets Registration

In response to the rising concern over the unregulated growth of the pets population and the increasing number of stray animals, the La Paz government has taken a proactive approach. They are currently in the process of developing a dedicated App aimed at the registration of pets, specifically dogs and cats, within the city.

This initiative, scheduled for launch by the end of this year, will generate unique identification numbers for each registered pet. These numbers are then required to be engraved on the pets’ tags. The primary purpose is to easily distinguish between registered and stray animals.

Any animal found without this identifying tag will be assumed stray. Such animals will be safely picked up and relocated to local shelters where they will be cared for and put up for adoption. The citizens of La Paz are eagerly awaiting more information, and they are advised to stay updated for the App’s release date and further instructions.


  • Picked up and safely transported to shelters for adoption? Not a chance that will happen unless a boatload of new shelters will be opened.

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