Fire Truck Needed for East Cape

 Fire Truck Needed for East Cape

Volunteers of the Bomberos Cabo Este, a dedicated firefighting team based in La Ribera, are fervently seeking financial support for an invaluable acquisition – a nearly brand-new fire truck, ready to serve the community. With the potential to acquire this gem at a reasonable cost of around 15 thousand dollars, the fire brigade is striving to raise funds through a simple yet effective crowdfunding campaign. Their mission is to ensure the safety and security of La Ribera and its neighboring communities in the East Cape.

Currently, Bomberos Cabo Este stands as a crucial aid to the professional fire rescue and other emergency services operating in the vicinity. By securing this fully-equipped fire truck, they will significantly enhance their response capabilities and effectiveness in dealing with fires, accidents, and other critical incidents.

To contribute to this noble cause and help strengthen the resilience of La Ribera and its surrounding areas, consider visiting the Bomberos Cabo Este website at Your generosity could be the key to making their vision a reality and safeguarding the lives and properties of countless individuals in this picturesque region. Together, we can make a lasting impact and foster a safer community for all.

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