Federal Help is on its Way

 Federal Help is on its Way


During his recent visit to our Southern Baja state, Mexico’s President Lopez Obrador stated that “The priority is drinking water for the people, for domestic use, that is the priority. Yes we care about development, but we care about feeding the people, water supply and health services, above all.”

Governor Victor Castro also said the federal government is funding our state with over $1 million USD that will be used to build a plant to stabilize dam water and a solar plant in San Juanico, near La Paz. Oh, and to finish the second desal plant in Cabo San Lucas. 

When he was questioned about the recent approval of the expansion of a mine, when our state has repeatedly said “no to mining,” he answered that there was a public consultation and the people of Mulege agreed to it, as it provides additional jobs for the municipality.

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