Spain Becomes Third Source of Tourists

 Spain Becomes Third Source of Tourists

Spain has emerged as the third largest source of tourists for Los Cabos, according to FITURCA, the Los Cabos tourism fund. This milestone reveals a significant growth trend in Spanish tourism in the region, placing it just behind the U.S. and Canada. Spanish tourists traditionally make a pitstop in Mexico City before continuing to Los Cabos.

However, the period from late June to mid-September marks a further increase in the influx of Spanish tourists, thanks to the Iberojet’s direct flights from Madrid. This direct connection bolsters Spain’s position as a key market for Los Cabos tourism, offering a more convenient travel option that encourages additional visitors.

The rise in Spanish tourism is a testament to the allure of Los Cabos as a destination that transcends cultural and geographical boundaries. This trend also presents new opportunities for cultural exchange and further growth in the local tourism industry, solidifying Los Cabos’ reputation as a global vacation hotspot.

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