Elvis Presley Helps Art Auction Fundraiser

 Elvis Presley Helps Art Auction Fundraiser


The Hard Rock Hotel hosted the Elvis Presley impersonator live music show and Elvis Presley paintings art auction as a fundraiser to help our volunteer Cabo San Lucas fire department. The 21 paintings were exceptionally beautiful renditions of Elvis the King created by extremely talented artists with prices ranging from $220 – $525 USD.

As the population of this beach paradise continues to soar, so have vehicular accidents increased on our highways, along with other hazards that plague every city. Most recently, our always proactive volunteer fire department was gifted with a Matrice 30T Rescue Drone. An intensive certification course prepared members for the correct use of the specialized search and rescue drone. 

The drone has a speed of 52 mph and sports a 640 x 512 radiometric thermal camera which at 30 frames per second enables the fire department to see what’s going on during any fire and rescue mission. 

As is always their humble and appreciative nature, the CSL Fire Department greatly thanked all the people and sponsors as well as the municipal president of Los Cabos, Professor Oscar Leggs for his contribution. They also thanked the Hard Rock Hotel for their support in hosting the Elvis Presley Art Auction and music performance. “He has all the soul of Elvis,” mentioned the queen of rock and roll Tina Turner when she met Dany Lova at one of his shows. He is one of the few Mexican Elvis impersonators in Mexico with over 13 years of experience performing in the best hotels on the Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen, Cancun and now, Los Cabos.

“I began as a singer. I used to sing in the lobby of many hotels, and people started asking me to sing songs from their era. Not exactly Elvis, but songs from that early rock & roll time. After that, the hotel manager asked me why I didn’t sing any songs by the king. So, he was the person who gave me the idea. Well, my debut was a disaster,” said Lova during a 2022 interview. 

“I always wondered why there aren’t more singers that do the same thing in this country, but it is simple; it’s very hard to be the King. I’m not going to lie to you. I’ve been there a lot of times. I thought this wasn’t for me. Many, many times, I thought of abandoning this and doing something else. Then one day, in Playa del Carmen, I fell in love with it, so I stayed, and I mean forever. Since then, I have performed 2,640 shows. I am working towards a new level of the show, and I would be honored to start an Elvis culture in Mexico.”

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