Bringing the Art of Nature into Your Home

 Bringing the Art of Nature into Your Home


The Healing Benefits of Inviting Nature into Your Home Interacting with nature – bringing the vitality of nature into your home is emotionally and physically therapeutic. Visually, plants create a warm atmosphere that lends intimate and soothing character to a space. Nature evokes an inner peace that instills oneness and balance.

Visual Aesthetics – Plants symbolize an art of nature where its design uniqueness is interpreted as exhibiting a contemporary and traditional essence in style. In selecting plants with flowing curves and soft, smooth textures, one can counterbalance hard surfaces, straight angles and linearity of elements in a room as that of walls, windows and furniture. Plants can visually alter the appearance of a room. Tall plants increase the visual height of a ceiling and when strategically positioned in a room, serve as wonderful dividers to create a space within a space.

Counter Negative Energy – Plants provide oxygen and activate positive energy known to remove negative energy from a room. Plants detoxify and purify the air and control humidity. Placing a plant within three feet of a computer will help filter electromagnetic energy. The benefit of introducing plants into the home reduces the reliance on chemical products to perform indoor detoxification and other purification remedies.

Sound Absorber – the presence of vegetation adds noise control as it buffers and creates a reduction of sound waves. Plants provide you with the benefit of having an environment that is innately essential for relaxation.

Reduction of Stress Levels – stress reduction is a result of all the health benefits that plants contribute to providing life space, from detoxifying and purifying the air to filtering electromagnetic energy and diminishing noise levels.

When selecting your plants, research various plants to determine which ones are toxic and harmful to people and pets. Choose vegetation that is vibrant, healthy and lush. Observe the nurturance of a plant for proper watering, sunlight, artificial light, moisture, temperature, plant soil and food. Contemplate the myriad of art forms and observe the health benefits and aesthetics. Consider integrating plants that will share your vision as members of your life space.

Willa Roberson-Mitchell is an Interior Designer and Writer at Lifespace Designs, specializing in space planning, color schemes, furnishings, lighting, feng shui & sustainable living design. /

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