Top 4 Activities You Should Try in Southern Baja

 Top 4 Activities You Should Try in Southern Baja


A trip to Mexico is an exciting and varied experience. If you are coming to enjoy unique landscapes, see exotic animals, and explore cultural attractions, Southern Baja is the place to be. In this article, you will learn about the best options for spending time in Mexico, which will not leave you indifferent.

How to conveniently travel around the state

Southern Baja covers a large area, so to get the most out of the trip, – it’s better to rent a car. When arriving in this state capital, consider car rentals La Paz. This will provide an opportunity to discover the area far from tourists’ paths and see the magical landscapes of the peninsula at any convenient time.

Explore marine life

Southern Baja is famous for its unique marine life. This region has access to the Pacific Ocean and, from another side, – to the Sea of Cortez. Not far from the capital (La Paz), you can enjoy water sports and spend time with unusual animals. In Southern Baja, you will get unique opportunities to:

Explore the Museo de la Ballena in the capital (learn about whales and the behavior of these magnificent creatures)

Dive with whale sharks at La Paz

Swim in whales’ natural habitat near Lopez Mateo

Take a fun kayak trip

Go extreme kitesurfing at La Ventana Bay

Use car rentals La Paz to get to Loreto and meet the largest mammal on our planet – the blue whale. During the cruise in the Sea of Cortez, you will visit the whales’ huge nesting site – an amazing sight. Not far from the capital, you are able to spend time with gray whales. They are very friendly and often swim up to boats to be stroked.

Visit Espiritu Santo island to see a diverse wildlife preserve under the auspices of UNESCO. The main attraction of this place is the sea lions. The opportunity to swim with these animals in their natural habitat is a great pleasure.

Popular seasons for sea diving to communicate with underwater inhabitants are winter and spring. This is due to the mating season of animals and seasonal migrations. Think about a wetsuit in advance, so you don’t get too cold – they are in high demand during the tourist season.

Feel the magic of the Sierra de la Laguna Mountains

The Sierra de la Laguna is called an oasis in the sky because of its environmental phenomenality. The site of green forests and a volume of prehistoric boulders has been a historical nature reserve since 1994. A wide variety of flora and fauna, limited by a mountain range, is located in the middle of a hot desert. The highest peak (over 7,000 feet) is in the middle of the sierra. Between this and the southern peak is the valley of La Laguna, where a unique ecosystem has been created.

It is worth coming here for the charming landscapes, extreme rock climbing on huge boulders, or camping for solitude with nature. If you are not ready for extreme sports, it is better to come for an introductory trip. Consider Mexico car rental offers to travel comfortably and at your own pace.

Take a ride on a horse

Famous ranches from popular westerns of the past, what could be more romantic? Organize a horse ride on one of the true Mexican ranches against the breathtaking terrain backdrop. Mexican culture is closely associated with horses. 

Usually, among the indigenous people, rarely anyone has not been trained in riding skills since childhood. However, no certificates are required from you, and you will have the possibility to discover this experience even if you are nub in riding a horse.

Don’t skip museums

In pursuit of outdoor adventures, be sure to explore the engaging museums in this state. They are concentrated in the capital and are valuable in terms of getting to know the historical and cultural background of Southern Baja. Must-sees are the Anthropology and the Art Museums. Also, use the services of La Paz rental cars to watch colorful murals on the city walls.


Immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of Southern Baja and discover new experiences. Make your travel varied and eventful, and do not linger in one area for a long time.

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