Hotel in Cabo San Lucas Loses its Beach

 Hotel in Cabo San Lucas Loses its Beach

Photo courtesy of Veronica Gonzalez

The waves are still high after hurricane Kay left Los Cabos, and the Grand Solmar resort on the pacific side has lost its beach. Hotel guests cannot walk on what used to be a very wide, gorgeous beach as they would be slammed against the resort’s contention wall. Grand Solmar beach is also one of the sea turtles to deposit their eggs.


  • Do you know if the beach at Bonito Blanco was lost as well?

  • Contention wall? Maybe you mean retaining wall.

  • Retaining wall, contention wall, convection wall, prevention wall – it’s all good. Except the sand. That’s washed away. Never let the facts get in the way of a good story! Thanks for the update GG!

  • And that’s what you get when you overbuild in Mother Nature pathway!!!
    Poor Turtles

  • I’m wondering If there is an organic market in La paz? Or where we can get vitamins ( similar to Whole Foods)


  • Solmar beach gets washed away every time there is a storm, this happens every year. The sand comes back in a month.

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