New Hydraulic Infrastructure in the East Cape

 New Hydraulic Infrastructure in the East Cape

The Costa Palmas development in La Ribera, East Cape, will invest millions in construction to prevent dry river beds (arroyos, in Spanish) from the Santiago arroyo to Los Pocitos, from overflowing in the hurricane season. This will help protect a good number of local inhabitants’ homes, where a number of its workers live. Thank you, Costa Palmas!


  • This is pure crap. They built their development in the mouth of the arroyo destroying the 2nd largest estuary on the municipality and now they want to modify the natural stream to prevent it from flooding their hotels and marina damaging nearby communities and disturbing water deposits.

  • Some 25 years ago, I considered purchasing a large acreage in partnership with the existing
    property owner Mr. Brian Leddingham. Mr. Leddingham had hired two horticultural students from a prominent U.S. university to travel the world and purchase a variety of plants and trees that would flourish in the Baja environment. He funded the purchases with $! million of his own capital. After a year of travelling the globe, the students returned and started planting. After a further 6 months of planting and landscaping, the project was completed. Then . . . hurricane Odile struck. The resulting flood from the arroyo totally wiped out the all of the plantings buried all the buildings on the property to within 2 feet of the roof tops and virtually destroyed the entire property. As a professional engineer with one of Canada’s largest engineering firms Mr. Leddingham took on the challenge of “altering” the flow of the water in the adjacent arroyo, in an attempt to mitigate the damage from future hurricanes and the resulting flooding. After two years of assessment and consultation with other P.Eng from Mexico City, he abandoned the project, citing that there was no effective method of preventing flooding from any future hurricane rains. He concluded that “Mother Nature” held the trump card. He ultimately sold his acreage to the original developers of the Cabo Riviera development (now Costa Palmas) and gave them the challenge of dealing with the issues related to the arroyo. Good luck to the new developers!

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