New Walmart to Open in Cabo Soon

 New Walmart to Open in Cabo Soon

Los Cabos Mayor Oscar Leggs has confirmed that he has been holding meetings with Juan Carlos Lepe, representative of Walmart stores, regarding the construction of another Walmart in downtown Cabo San Lucas. If all the permits and city conditions are met, the construction will begin soon. The lot that Walmart has chosen is the empty one just  north of the Puerto Paraiso mall at the corner of Leona Vicario (the down street) and the main drag. That is between the mall, McDonald’s and the Marina Sol condominiums. That will increase vehicle traffic a lot!


  • Just say no! We do not need a Walmart down town. The other one is less than 1 mile away

  • We typically do all our weekly shopping at Walmart. It’s not a big deal financially to Walmart if we stop shopping there, we’re only two people who send maybe 4 – 5,000 pesos a month there. But if they hear from a bunch of us, maybe they’ll reconsider. Ridiculous. We will NOT be going into downtown Cabo to grocery shop.

  • We have one about a mile away…that’s crazy! It will cause major traffic in that area! Muy Loco

    • I agree 100%. No need for another Wal Mart

  • What about parking at a downtown Walmart. it’s hard enough to park in Cabo now.

  • No walmart. Let the local businesses thrive, they will close down if another walmart is build

  • I’m a tourist and it’s ridiculous to put another Walmart a mile away . There is already a supermarket in the Paraiso . There is already too much traffic downtown. I would rethink this

  • On the other hand, as a regular tourist I can now walk to the new store and save on taxi fare. I get it if you live here and drive your own car…I’d think the same thing in my home neighborhood especially regarding traffic. But the new one is a bonus for we turistas in condos/timeshares.

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