Cat Catches on Fire in San Jose del Cabo

 Cat Catches on Fire in San Jose del Cabo

Early Sunday morning, the “Lagoon 620” catamaran stationed on dock R at the San Jose del Cabo marina caught on fire. Yachts stationed next to it were moved away and the fire truck arrived quickly and put out the fire but couldn’t save it. It was a total loss but fortunately nobody was injured. 

Check out the video below:


  • This cat on fire at the Marina should infuriate all boat owners!! There are no fire extinguishers on any docks and there is no fire boat to be able to fight a fire from the water side, and food bless fire fighters but they ruin it if water. A pump to toss in the water would be a good idea!!

  • Please edit that to god bless firefighters but they run out of water.

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