Hot Tips for a Safe Summer at Home

 Hot Tips for a Safe Summer at Home

School is out, and the best time of year is finally here! While summer brings the opportunity to have fun in the sun from the comfort of your own backyard, it’s important to acknowledge that risks and dangers exist everywhere—even your considered safe space. Here are some tips for keeping your home base secure so you can safely enjoy everything summer has to offer.

Properly Secure the Pool & Spa

The pool is a summer essential, but it can be dangerous if not properly secured and maintained. Make sure to do the following to increase pool safety:

Install a fence or safety gate with a lock around the pool to prevent unsupervised children from entering.

When not in use, secure the pool properly with a cover or net.

Install non-slip surfaces and a pool alarm as an extra security measure.

Confirm safety devices are easily accessible like life preservers, pool noodles, floaties, etc.

Constantly observe pool chemical levels.

Inspect the Grill Before Use

Ready to break out the grill for BBQs and outdoor gatherings? Before you fire it up, keep your grill in tip-top shape by:

Ensuring the grill is a safe distance from your home and foliage that can ignite and burn, like trees and bushes.

Double-checking for hose leaks if using a gas grill.

Thoroughly cleaning the grill of debris and food from the previous use.

Storing a fire extinguisher and other tools nearby.

Double-Check Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Neglecting smoke and carbon monoxide detector upkeep can have serious consequences. Complete these to-dos on your in-home detectors to protect your family:

Confirm batteries are still working correctly.

Check for any physical damage, paint, or dirt and/or debris.

Perform tests on each device using the factory instructions.

Stock Up on the Necessities

Accidents happen, and it’s crucial to be prepared. Replenish any items that may be missing in your first aid kit like:

Various bandage sizes


Compress dressings and cloth tape

Antiseptic wipes or alcohol pads

Basic medications

Instant cold compresses

Hydrocortisone cream or ointment

Antibiotic ointment




Complete Seasonal Home Maintenance Tasks

Staying on top of necessary home maintenance is a key component of safety. Our “Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Home” features a comprehensive list of tasks and projects to tackle, including:

Inspecting your roof

Repairing and replacing gutters and soffits

Patching driveways and sidewalks

Assessing the sprinkler system

Make Efforts to Control Pests

Summertime pests, like ants, ticks, and mosquitos, can put a damper on outdoor activities. You can hire a professional to spray for bugs, but keeping your house clean, removing standing water, and sealing up interior and exterior openings are small things you can do that can make a big difference when it comes to unwelcome guests.

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