Francisco “Paco” Bulnes, Local Developer of Solmar Resorts Group and Rancho San Lucas Died

 Francisco “Paco” Bulnes, Local Developer of Solmar Resorts Group and Rancho San Lucas Died

Farewell Message from Paco Bulnes:

Today I say goodbye, to you, Holly, who always covered my path with your immeasurable love. To you, Luis, Inés, Victoria and Nicolás, my children who were an endless source of strength, hope and love in my life.

Today life is slipping away from me, but I am grateful for every moment I have lived.

Grateful for my beautiful Cabo San Lucas, that I loved so much and for the deep blue of the sea, that I always admired.

Today I say goodbye to the friends I cultivated along the path of life.

Thank you all, we will surely reencounter ourselves at a later time on the road to a happy destination.

Life you owe me nothing, life we are at peace, until we meet again.

Message from Paco Bulnes’ family about his death. Saying goodbye to Paco.

Dear Paco Bulnes,

God’s times are perfect. Your children and I will always be grateful for the divine Grace of having you as father and husband. You were a clear example of love for your people and Solmar. You were always willing to help, just as your father taught you with his example. Today we pay tribute to your life and work, we share your departure with deep pain.

Those of us who received so much friendship and selfless love from you say goodbye to you. Today we ask God to give us strength and hope to continue your legacy of unity and service. May God keep us and give you eternal rest.

With love, your wife Holly Regan and children Luis, Ines, Victoria and Nicolás Bulnes, Baily and Tanner Whorl, Sheilina Fanelli.


  • God bless, you and your family!

  • RIP~ Prayers for strength for you all to get thru this difficult loss🙏
    A Cabo lover💕

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