Understanding Mexico’s Landscapes Through An Artist’s Eyes

 Understanding Mexico’s Landscapes Through An Artist’s Eyes


“A landscape is a depiction, memory, and experience of a shared territory, a way of living in a place, a form of recognition and belonging. It shapes, questions, or reveals certain images and discourses regarding a common identity, which is also defined by singularities.” 

This passage is from the intro panels of the new exhibition at the Museo de Arte de Baja California Sur, which is in the heart of La Paz on the corner of Cinco de Mayo and Belisario Dominguez. Our lives are defined by the landscapes that we subsist with. Our surroundings are reflections of the way we coexist and control nature. This exhibition is from the Museum of Modern Art in Mexico City and is curated through three themes: mimesis, artifice and symbols. Lourdes Almeida’s brilliant Aparición del Corazon captured my attention immediately by using a collection of polaroids to portray a throbbing fiery heart which makes me consider the passion embodied in the symbol. 

One of my favorites, Pajaros en Dialogo is near the end of the exhibit. The Guatemalan muralist and painter, Carlos Merida, weaves a grandiose scene of colorful abstract figures with the mediums of cotton and wool. The Museo de Arte de Baja California Sur offers a quiet contemplative place to reflect with the assistance of incredible art. The museum is free, and through a reservation on Wednesday evenings, they have ‘Noche en el Museo’ which is a chance to see renowned musical talent in a thoughtful setting. Be sure to visit the exhibit before it changes on May 13. The next exhibition will feature the masterful work of Frida Kahlo and Diego

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