New Covid-19 Restrictions Apply in Cabo

 New Covid-19 Restrictions Apply in Cabo

Although the number of contagion has not increased dramatically in Los Cabos, people’s attitude seems to have relaxed and the city wants to control it before… it gets out of control. Effective immediately, Live Music that creates large crowds is banned. The Viva La Plaza Friday event at Cabo San Lucas’ downtown park is closed. The San Jose Art Garden (Jardin del Arte) in the main plaza is also closed. Kids under 15 will not be allowed in stores. The elderly will be allowed in stores if they have no one to shop for them, and access to major supermarkets like Costco, La Comer, Walmart, Chedraui, Soriana and the like is allowed to only one person per shopping cart. Remember, Walmart and La Comer offer online shopping. We tried La Comer’s and their service is superb. You have been warned!


  • Please email me the website where I can read the new restriction details in English.
    Do you know the hours seniors allowed to shop and is it true only 1 person allowed in a vehicle?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Janet here you go
      Not true about one person per vehicle. In Cabosan Lucas, they do only want one family member in the store at a time, or the way they phrase it one person per shopping cart. I have not seen them give anyone a hard time shopping due to their age. Only rumors not enforced. Walmart does stick to the one person per family in the store at a time. In town they still allow indoor dining. If you are staying at a mega resort such as RIU, they will do the cover test for the return to the US for $30 USD, other major resorts are doing similar button all. most hospitals are $200 – $300 USD for the test. on the attached link the labs mentioned are $100 USD
      Check this site out

  • I thought Covid was not a problem in Cabo…. is it not the visitors but the citizens that live there?

    Booked our trip for Cabo, but you can’t do anything????

    • Covid is not the problem in Cabo, it is the US government being extra cautious on who comes to the US. They want all travelers inbound from any country to have the test. To be honest I believe that the people of Los Cabos are taking better precautions than the citizens of the US.
      I have been to Cabo San Lucas 5 times since Covid started and feel safer there than in California

  • I agree with Mike. Cases in Cabo have not gone up like California et al but there pressure from the US to make everywhere too restrictive.

  • Remember, if your resort isn’t offering a test, there are two tests approved by the CDC. One is the PVR test and the other, Antigen test. On average, the Antigen test (rapid test) is approximately $100 usd and the PCR test is $270-$400. Check your health insurance to see if they will cover it. I have UHC and they said they will compensate 100% of the charge. If there is an office visit charge, they will not cover it.

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