Good News on Property Taxes!

 Good News on Property Taxes!

The Los Cabos government has decided that property taxes in 2021 will not be increased. On top  of that, the city will be offering discounts during the first four months of the year, as follows: January – 20 percent. February – 15 percent. March – 10 percent and April – 5 percent. This should generate our government some $22.5 million in revenue for the year. Payment with Visa or MasterCard can be made through this link (in Spanish), by entering your “Clave Catastral.” Remember, Los Cabos runs from La Ribera on the East Cape to Migriño on the road to Todos Santos.


  • I used the link for my taxes & put in my Clave Catastral numbers for my condo & parking, & it gave me the payment owed for both but I don’t see a link to pay with my Visa?

  • Same here, no link to pay online as of yet. Will keep checking.

  • I was able to see what I owe, but it asked for a password. Where does that come from/how do you set it up?

  • I did not see the pay button in the article link as well so I backed it out a little and used: Then clicked on Pago y Consultas. The Banamex option did not work for me but the Bancomer did. I used a U.S. credit card that doesn’t charge me foreign transaction fees. I did receive an email from the bank asking me to validate the charge. THANKS SO MUCH GRINGO GAZETTE! LOVE YOU GUYS!

  • Wow, I’m glad I read that last comment. Saved me from waiting in line on my vacation. Thanks Linda and GG.

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