Virtual Visit to La Paz Murals

 Virtual Visit to La Paz Murals

The city of La Paz, which is the capitol city of our Southern Baja state, has a total of 136 marine murals throughout different areas, mostly in downtown or nearby. These murals were part of a project named Marine City and now small photos of each one can be seen by clicking here:


  • Gringo Gazette,

    Thank you soon much for sharing. Our little piece of “paradise”just keeps on getting nicer and nicer. The improvements to the Malacon, the bronzes and now the Murals how lucky are we. Congratulations to all the artists for sharing there talent with us. Haven’t been down since January but looking forward to returning soon. Will make sure to check each one out. The one in the parking lot of Apple Bee’s is quite spectacular also.

    Sal Fish

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