Stevie Wonder Does Cabo

 Stevie Wonder Does Cabo

Surprising the audience at “Jazz on the Rocks” by going on stage to sing with the Daline Jones & Diego Ramirez trio. He sang “Overjoyed” and “Never Had a Dream Come True,” followed by Tito Rodriguez on the bass and Joaquin Gonzales on drums. Jazz on the Rocks is the new Jazz Club atop the popular Sunset da Monia Lisa, just outside of Cabo. Stevie’s son was in Cabo last August. We bet he told his dad how wonderful our destination is. To watch Stevie sing, look here:


  • Daline- that WAS a once and a lifetime experience! So cool that this happened and I weep for missing it live! Love the Summertime forever!
    Saludos to all,
    Jim Myers

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